Equine Experience

Everyone here at the Mane Event wants you to kick back and enjoy a fun filled evening on Friday AND Saturday night with a variety of presenters, that may include trick riders, drill teams, liberty demos, driving demos and much more. This is sure to be an evening of horsey fun you don’t want to miss!

We are pleased to bring you the line up for the Equine Experience which will be held on Friday, May 26Saturday, May 27, 2017 in the Arena.

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Equine Experience Presenters

Gladius The Show

The Mane Event is proud to present Gladius the Show for our Equine Experience! Gladius the Show is a touring equestrian acrobatic adventure, unlike any other! This production celebrates stunning horses and talented acrobats. The founders have been changing the face of equine entertainment for years. They have built a National reputation for being the cutting edge of live theater experience.


Lady Francesca & The Tiny Trio

Spanky and Jet were both rescued by Rother Horsemanship when they were just 2 years old, their sidekick Dally, is a 7 year old Jack Russell Terrier. Dally and Spanky have been on the iconic David Letterman Show, featured on the National Geographic channel, have won at the World Dog Awards in Hollywood and are going to be the next Breyer horse model. They have performed all across the US and Canada with their owner and trainer Francesca, including the prestigious Washington, DC International Horse Show. A book of their incredible true story has just been published. Both adults and children will fall in love with this adorable and very talented trio!

Francesca has become an internationally recognized liberty performer.  She has performed at the prestigious International jumping show in WA DC, appeared live on the David Letterman show (and we all know that your liberty horse has to be solid to pull that one off!). Her team have been featured on National Geographic and have even been made into Bryer models! She has accomplished this in a very short time without ANY prior liberty experience.

To follow their journey visit them at Dally and Spanky on Facebook and Instagram 



Steve Rother – Doma Vaquera

Steve Rother is an internationally-acclaimed horseman. Known as The Horse Teacher, Steve is dedicated to all horse people of all disciplines.

He conducts horsemanship clinics throughout the USA and Canada, and at his ranch, The School of Horse in NE Washington. His Excel With Horses Club and DVD Series allows students to come together to achieve their horsemanship dreams. His brand new new book and dvds – “Foundation to achieve success” are available at his booth.

He will be performing his own western version of the Doma Vaquera  on his quarter horse “Professor” – the traditional riding discipline originating in Spain. The garrocha pole was originally used to help sort  cattle, especially bulls, in place of the lariat, that is used here in the US.

For more information please visit HorseTeacher.com and Rother Horsemanship on Facebook.


Patriotic Freestyle Reining by Robyn Schiller

Warwick Schiller will share his wife’s talents at the Equine Experience.  An NRHA World Champion herself, Robyn Schiller, will entertain the crowd with an award winning freestyle reining routine on their great horse Plenty of Guns.